Very Dangerous People

“As the sun is not blown out by the tempest, nor the moon quenched by the dew of night, so is not the gospel destroyed by the sophistries of perverse minds. Wherefore let us comfort one another with these words: “The word of God is not bound.” It will be preached till doomsday.” —C.H. Spurgeon

I’ve heard that the church dying—that the Gospel has lost its power to confront people with their sins and open the door to eternal life and that the Word of God been shown to be just another old book.

The world believes this and preaches it, and It’s no surprise—to the world the church, the Gospel and the Bible are dangerous—its adherents are dangerous—they are a threat to popular illogic, social regression, the cult of self, mindless tolerance, baseless morality, personalized truth and just plain pride. The world will do everything in its power to uproot every warning sign along the road to its own preferred destruction—to the world the ‘danger’ signs are themselves dangerous.

But truth can never be made untrue any more than the sun can be blown out like a match. If we hold to and preach the Gospel we will always be dangerous people—a terror to the devil and an irritation to the world, but the truth of God’s Word isn’t going anywhere—it will stand in the face of all non-truth until doomsday. In fact, it’s perfect.

Preach it with joy—it’s not going anywhere.


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