About Biblical Dinners Ministries

Bringing the Bible to life 

BDM connects today’s people to the ancient world of the Bible and those who lived in it.

The Bible reveals lots and hides little, yet it’s seen as full of riddles and mysteries. But to the people of Bible times, even illiterate peasants understood its amazing messages, because when God spoke He used the stuff of life that regular people understood. BDM’s Biblical Dinners, Galilean Weddings, books, Holy Land tours, classes, seminars and sermons immerse you into this world, giving you an ancient lens to see and experience the Bible in a very ancient, new way—the way they did…

BDM emphasizes…
  • Jesus’ message of forgiveness and reconciliation
  • The intense depth of Christ’s love for the world and His church
  • Life-changing lessons from the Bible’s ancient customs
  • Lessons from the Land Itself—on-site study tours of Bible lands: Israel, Jordan, Turkey and Greece
  • How the Bible’s message was understood by those who heard the Messiah speak
BDM is an unincorporated international ministry…

…hosted by Jay McCarl—pastor, author and law enforcement chaplain

BDM Offers:
  • Biblical Dinners
  • Galilean Weddings
  • Holy Land Tours* (Israel, Jordan, Turkey, Greece)
  • Event and retreat speaking
  • Seminars
  • College and University presentations
  • Pulpit-filling
  • Chaplaincy-related seminars, training and ministry
  • Local, national and international availability

…without financial obligation to all who ask. Really.

* Our tours are offered at the lowest cost for the highest quality experience and are crafted to educate and inspire travelers at authentic Biblical sites. We highly encourage the participation of pastors—a single tour transforms a ministry, and in turn, whole congregations.