I’m often asked, “Where did you get this stuff?” It began when my friend Gayle Erwin explained the seating arrangements at the Last Supper. Later, while in Israel with Gayle, we saw a live version of the same study with a complete biblical meal hosted by the colleagues of Dr. Jim Fleming. These events transformed my understanding of the Bible, but I still needed to verify the data and the journey began.

I soon realized that the bulk of the available scholarship had been seriously neglected. People gradually lost interest in this vital field of study and many important books fell out of print or languished in second-hand shops and university libraries. Thankfully, passionate investigators like Gayle Erwin and Dr. Jim Fleming sparked renewed interest in Biblical backgrounds, ancient Semitic culture and Hebrew logic.

Here is a partial list of resources that contributed to the content of my study and presentations.

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[Please note that some of the above authors embrace a rationalist view of the Bible known as the Documentary Hypothesis, a position that rejects the possibility of miracles and of God speaking to people. I profoundly disagree with this position. These are included in my bibliography due to their excellent empirical data, even though their contextual interpretation is contentious at best.]