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Broken Bread: An Ancient Look at the First Last Supper“With clear and thorough research and brilliant writing, Jay McCarl delivers unique insight on the life of Jesus and biblical times that develops our understanding in wonderful ways. This book delights, captivates and fosters conversation. I hope it reaches the hands of every reader, whether Christian or not.”
 —Gayle D. Erwin, Author of “The Jesus Style”



AnsweringEvil: Crisis, Compassion and Truth in an Age of Uncertainty“This is a book by one whose call it is to bring comfort to those ravaged by evil. Out of his vast experience Chaplain McCarl offers answers to the seemingly unanswerable ‘why’ posed by evil.” —Pastor Dave Sweet
, Calvary Chapel of Paradise, CA

Answering Evil EXPANDED EDITION, newly revised, is available for Kindle at



71n57s3H+kL._SL1000_“This isn’t a pulpit series that has been captured on film and then bundled together and marketed as an afterthought. This series is designed to be fast-paced, yet in-depth multi-media experience as it takes the traveler through the labyrinths of Revelation. What at first read seems impenetrable becomes clear and understandable in the hands of a trained guide. Let Pastor Jay decode the future and unlock the meaning of the book of Revelation for you. It will be time well spent.” —Pastor Tim Brown, Calvary Chapel Fremont


71XMTyFSRAL._SY679_“The validity of ancient prophecy has been debated for centuries and is
one of the most controversial subjects in the world today. Join host and historian Ronnie Cohen plus several prophecy experts including Dr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum and Jay McCarl as you go on an epic journey to uncover the secrets behind Middle Eastern prophecy and the shocking statistical evidence that proves there is much more going on regarding past prophetic fulfillment than mere chance.No matter your belief system, the findings presented within The final Prophecies are as eye-opening as they are frightening. The ultimate conclusion may change your view of prophecy forever and redefine how much time we truly have left on this world!”


9 thoughts on “Books and DVD’s”

  1. Jay;
    I find your teaching in the DVD series Decoding the Future a truly great work. I was wondering if you have those manuscripts and are they going to be a book? I would love to use that as a basis to teach our students from. Please let me know. Thank you in advance.


    1. Hello Douglas,
      Blessings on you and thank you for writing. Unfortunately, I don’t have any manuscripts other than the Bible and some ‘memory-jogger’ notes from which I referenced. The entire content, however, is preserved in audio format from when I taught the entire Book or Revelation a few months prior as a warm-up to Decoding the Future. You can listen at my church website:



  2. Hello Mr. McCarl
    I am interested in one of your books that is out of print. “The title is The Best Day of Forever”. Is there a possibility of acquiring a copy?

    Thank you and blessing to you.


    1. Hello Lorettia,

      Thank you for checking about the book. The Best Day of Forever is out of print, but has been republished under the title, Before the Wrath, and should be available any day now. It was supposed to be shipped in May, but the covid shutdowns have slowed all manufacturing. When released, it will be available at and at Amazon. Hope and pray it will be soon—lots of people are asking.



      1. Thank you Pastor. Good to know that this important information is still available. The same day that I sent this request I ordered the DVD Before the Wrath. Will order the book as well. My husband likes to highlight and make notations while reading. Blessings to you and Yahweh.


      2. Hi Jay,

        I was just re-checking in about your reprint of The Best Day of Forever/Before the Wrath. I have yet to be able to find it and wanted to see where I could find a copy.


        Jessie Davis


      3. Hello Jessie,

        Blessings on you and thanks for checking in again! I’m still waiting myself, and the book is over a year late at this point. I will be checking again. Keep praying!



  3. I purchased the Best Day of Forever a while back, but I cannot find it now. Would you have a place where you have published your bibliography for your sources? That is what I am looking for.



    1. Hello Stephen,

      Thanks for checking in about the book. “The Best Day of Forever” has now been reprinted under the new title, “Before the Wrath”, the same name as the the movie that was based on the book. It’s currently only available bundled with the DVD, but Brent informed me that it should be available as a stand alone book ‘soon’ on Amazon and at Hope this helps!



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