Galilean Wedding FAQ’s

Is the Galilean Wedding a Passover Seder or real wedding?

No. The Galilean Wedding is a non-denominational presentation that re-creates a first-century Galilean wedding—something Jesus frequently referred to as He explained His love for His bride, the church and His return at the end of the world.

How can my church or organization have a Galilean Wedding?

If you or your church/organization would like host a Galilean Wedding, just email me to request a calendar date. You can check my speaking schedule. I highly recommend you consider dates other than the Easter/Passover holidays, as the Galilean Wedding is effective year round.

How much does it cost to present a Galilean Wedding?

The Galilean Wedding is presented on a love-gift basis only so that anyone wishing to experience this ministry not miss out due to financial burden.

What does my church or organization need to do to prepare for a Galilean Wedding?

Download and read the setup instructions.

Is the Galilean Wedding a feast like the Biblical Dinner?

Only if you want one. Although a meal is an nice addition, unlike the Biblical Dinner it’s not significant to the content of the presentation. If you choose to do a meal with the Wedding, your church or organization arranges for food and supplies (you know best where to obtain items locally at the best price). If you are within driving distance (about six hours away or less), I can bring table runners, oil lamps & bases, baskets and bowls for the presentation (enough for around 100 people). If I need to fly, I’m limited to only a few necessary props.

How far will Jay travel to present a Galilean Wedding?

I travel locally, regionally, nationally and internationally, to present a Galilean Wedding. If you can’t afford travel costs, I come without obligation—just ask. For multi-day or international presentations, please arrange your dates several months in advance—as a full-time pastor my absences on Sundays are somewhat limited.