Galilean Weddings

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What is a Galilean Wedding?

“It’s the middle of the night. You’re startled out of a sound sleep by the sudden clamor of shouting and the harsh blast of shofar blaring in the dark streets. The din grows louder as you lean out your window and see the approaching parade of noisy, laughing villagers carrying burning torches and blowing musical horns. A man crowned with laurel leaves leads the revelers; and carried high on a queenly litter rides a veiled woman, splendidly adorned. The bridegroom is coming with his bride, and all his guests are rejoicing. There’s going to be a wedding…

In the scope of all the vast ages of the Bible there will come a day whose sheer joy, majesty, and love will outshine all other days. It’s a day that fulfills the immeasurable love and longing of Christ for His Bride, the Church. Even the incarnation, the cross, the resurrection, and the ascension point straight to this one supremely glorious future event: the Wedding Feast of the Lamb. Throughout the Gospels Jesus spoke often of this day, as did all the New Testament writers—using imagery His disciples would have thoroughly understood: the customs of a simple Galilean wedding. In the tradition of The Biblical Dinner, The Galilean Wedding recreates this ancient event, bringing amazing insight into a glorious future—the day the church is united with Jesus for all eternity. It will be our greatest day—and His

The Galilean Wedding is a lively and moving re-creation of how the people of Jesus’ time celebrated a wedding and how He constantly pointed to it as He taught. Using Galilean-style wedding traditions as a metaphor, Jesus revealed the uncompromising sanctity of marriage, how the world will end and how much He loves His church. The Galilean Wedding runs 1:20.

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