What People are Saying

“Jay is an amazing, exploding package of gifts—musician, Biblical scholar, pastor, police chaplain and dramatic presenter. Using a historical reenactment of Biblical Dinners and Galilean Weddings, Jay effectively teaches our generation the eternal truths disclosed in these ancient God-given ordinances for human interaction with Him and with each other…” —Terry Clark, singer, songwriter, musician

“Firstly, I want to underline in print what I said in person about your presentation of the Biblical meal—it was excellent. It was so obvious that you have done your homework and presented it with great passion, personality and ability. I can only give you top marks on every aspect of the presentation. You have an outstanding ministry and I count it a privilege to have been present.” —Desi Maxwell, Professor of Hebrew Studies, Xplorations Ministries

“Thank you so much for coming all the way to Gibson City. Wow, what a joy and blessing to have you hear, enjoy your company, and soak in your teachings, Cindy and I have been so very blessed.” —Doug Tankersley, OMS Missionary to Ecuador

“Thank you again for your ministry to us—we have had so many people from the two nights who have been “wowed” by the evenings. I know that they have been inspired and encouraged to dig into the Word and think again seriously about their relationship with the Lord. I think it is hard to estimate the “eternal” impact but there was a sense that The Holy Spirit was moving in lives.” —Victor Hughes, Carrickfergus Vineyard, County Antrim, Northern Ireland

“Pastor Jay McCarl gives a wonderful example of what times were like in the Bible days. A beautiful experience!” —Richard Johnson, singer, songwriter, musician, The Johnson Family

“I attended the Biblical Dinner at Bethel Baptist Church in Santa Rosa tonight.  Thank you so much for listening to the voice of the Lord when He put it in your mind to present these Biblical Dinners.  It was obvious that His anointing is on you to do these performances.  I have been walking with Christ for over 30 years and have been to numerous Christian events.  But this Biblical Dinner was the best Christian event I have ever attended.  Thank you for the time you invested researching this subject and making it as authentic as possible.  I will remember this night and what you taught forever.  Thank you again for your willingness to serve the Body of Christ.” —Pat Pendergraft, Santa Rosa, California

“Folks were buzzing at Church yesterday with thanks and comments about the Biblical Dinner.  “It felt like Jesus was there with us.” “We could feel God’s presence.” Several mentioned they would like to organize another.” —Mark Vogan, OMS Missionary, Loja, Ecuador

“Once again I must thank you for one of the most incredible evenings we experienced as a church during the Biblical Dinner. Many people were touched and encouraged—it certainly made our next communion service more memorable.” —Rector Gary Millar, St. Colmenall’s Church of Ireland, Ahoghill, Northern Ireland

“I attended a Biblical dinner with a friend at Glenabbey Church, Co Antrim, Northern Ireland last month and we’re still talking about it! I had no idea what to expect that evening, but feel truly blessed to have been part of the experience. Pastor Jay presents the dinner with such knowledge and passion and personality that I was totally transported back in time—it was as if Jesus could have been reclining at the table with us. My friend and I have been enthusing about it to everyone we meet. I think everyone should experience a Biblical Dinner. Thank you from the depths of my heart.” —Jacquie Uprichard, Christ Church Knocknamuckley, Northern Ireland

“Those that attended thoroughly enjoyed the evening and have talked enthusiastically to others.” —Pastor Alistair Beattie, Second Broughshane Presbyterian Church, Northern Ireland

“I want to give you a BIG THANKS for coming. Wow! I wish you could hear the feedback.  I have a feeling it will be coming for quite a while because it’s just one of those huge illustrations that unfolds with time and comes to our minds as we pick up our Bibles again.  I can’t give you a big enough thanks for coming to pour in to these people that I love.  I’m so glad God has given you a passion and calling to do this.  Your excitement is obvious and a great example to the others and me. Shalom Aleichem!”  —Hollie Simmons, Calvary Chapel of the Foothills, Browns Valley, California

“What is a Biblical Dinner? It borders on being a cross-cultural experience—except that you don’t leave your country of origin. Walking into the room where you will share a special meal with others, and then to find out that you must suspend what is familiar and take on customs, table manners and even modes of conversation that are quite different from a regular North American family meal. Accept the challenge to experience a taste of culture shock! And while you are about it, allow your mind to be assaulted with understandings that never present themselves with mere paper and ink. It’s our famous cliché—”hands on”—made very real! No doubt about it, it will be hands on, and if your heart is open, it will be mind-expanding and heart warming. Allow yourself to be transported to another time and place, and open your eyes to see things you never dreamed were hidden in the simplicity and beauty of our Bible, our Salvation, our Lord.” Thelma Nisly, Mennonite Missionary, Cuenca, Ecuador

“I was invited to attend a Biblical Dinner…Not knowing what I was about to experience and what God was going to show me…I cannot express how blessed I was.  The way Scripture took on a new light and the passion of Jesus, the meaning behind customs, meals, bread and feeding one another.  I was filled and flooded with an overwhelming joy that continues to impact me and my life with Christ today.  It was an evening of blessing that changed my life, and I hope everyone can experience a biblical dinner for themselves.” —Danielle Simpkins, Sebastopol, California

“Having been to the Biblical Dinner last year, I knew I MUST go back and hear Jay McCarl again. I attended another Biblical Dinner tonight and took 5 friends with me. What an outstanding ministry Jay has—it just brings the Bible to life! Thank you Jay for your dynamic, articulate presentation – your ministry, friendship and fellowship is much appreciated. Three hours very valuably spent.  Only eternity will reveal the impact of your gift.” —Ann Hamill, Glenabbey Church, Northern Ireland

And more…

“I thoroughly enjoyed your book and shared much of my message on Sunday with your thoughts on the broken bread of Communion. Thank you for being a blessing!” —a Pastor

“I got home about 0200 Saturday morning so was a little groggy. That said, it did not stop me from starting on your newest book. I finished it this morning and found it is just overwhelming with good news and great explanations of how Galilean weddings were put together and the relevance to today. Such a contrast but certainly relevant from the big picture that God paints through this son Jesus.”

“Just wanted to thank you again for sharing your ministry with us! I have heard nothing but rave reviews! Great message from a dynamic speaker. God is good—thank you for serving Him in such a neat way!” —a woman in Redding, CA

“It is critical that I get eight books for a pastors Bible study group that still meets in my office, as initiated by the “Biblical Dinner” conference.” —A Pastor in Africa

“…your book was awesome! God spoke to me that day more than ever in my life.” —a Minister in Florida

“Thank you again for blessing us with your amazing Biblical Dinner—it was inspirational, informative AND a lot of fun! We look forward to seeing you again next year…” —A Presbyterian Church in Fair Oaks, CA

“Thank you so much for coming to visit us and present the Word to us! It was Awesome! AND the Lord really used our personal time together, and I am thrilled about that!” —A Pastor in Grand Rapids, MI

“Folks were buzzing at Church yesterday with thanks and comments about the Biblical Dinner.  “It felt like Jesus was there with us.” “We could feel God’s presence.” Several mentioned they would like to organize another…” —OMS Missionary

“…if you have not experienced a Biblical Dinner make it a top priority in you life, as it will open your eyes to the truths and meanings in the Bible.” —an El Dorado County (CA) Deputy Sheriff

“Jay, thank you for the “pop-up” book experience you so artfully and lovingly shared at the Biblical Dinner in Orangevale. I (with many others) will cherish the lessons taught and praise God for your ministry.” —A woman in Orangevale, CA

“A few years ago you did a Biblical Dinner at our church… People are still talking about how wonderful it was.” —a woman in Santa Rosa, CA

“It was an incredible eye opener and blessing to us.” —a Pastor

“Thank you, Jay, for the beautiful night of knowing Jesus’ heart towards us!  The Lord has blessed our brother with a gift of writing and communicating special topics that others have not drawn out that I know of—so please tell your friends and let’s do this again, so more can hear these important teachings.” —a California Pastor

“We want to thank you for the enlightening, inspirational and totally enjoyable Biblical Dinner… We received so many comments on how much people enjoyed your presentation.” —A couple from Sacramento

“I traveled with pastor Jay McCarl on the Footsteps of the Apostles tour—very memorable and inspirational. You’ll read and know the Bible better from an up-close encounter.” —a Pastor

“A hearty “Bravo” and well done is not enough…!” —a Pastor

“Hey—you’re the Biblical Dinner guy!” —an American Pastor in Jerusalem, Israel