Israel Tours & Beyond

ISRAELwanna go? Each year I lead 12-day study tours. It will change your life. And how about Turkey? Greece? Jordan? You gotta go…

8 thoughts on “Israel Tours & Beyond”

  1. Hi Jay, once again we are looking into going with you to Israel – we really want to go! I have looked online for the information, but don’t see a price. Can you tell me? I presume it is close to your 2017 cost of $3835… BTW,we’d be very interested in your Greece/Turkey Tour in April if we were available — we have lived and toured extensively in both countries!!! Blessings.


  2. Hi Jay, Jerry Lindgren here. We spoke earlier this year & you sent me 6 each of your books for me to give to my friends. All enjoyed!!! I’m Looking forward to seeing you on the Israel trip in November. My Nephew made a commitment for Christ a couple of years ago so I’m bringing him with me. He’s 28 and I want him to see the bible in ‘Living Color’. My goal is to be a Paul to Timothy person to Tanner. I’m really excited for being with you and Tanner on this trip. God bless you my friend in Christ!
    Jerry Lindgren


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