What is a Galilean Wedding?

“It’s the middle of the night. You are startled awake by the sudden clamor of shouting and a harsh blast from ram’s horn trumpet. The din grows louder as you lean out your window and spot an onrushing parade of noisy, laughing revelers with burning torches, blowing musical horns. A man crowned with laurel leaves leads the procession; and carried high above the others on a queenly litter rides a veiled woman, splendidly adorned. The bridegroom is coming with his bride, and all his guests are rejoicing. There’s going to be a wedding…!”

In all the vast ages of the Bible there will come a day whose sheer joy, majesty, and love will outshine all other days. It is a day in which no expression of Scripture proclaims more magnificently the overwhelming affection of Christ for His Bride, the Church, and His great longing for her to be with Him. Even the incarnation, the cross, the resurrection and ascension point straight to this one supremely glorious future event: the Wedding Feast of the Lamb. Throughout the Gospels Jesus spoke often of this great day, using imagery that His disciples well understood: the customs surrounding a simple Galilean wedding.

In the tradition of The Biblical Dinner, The Galilean Wedding recreates this ancient event that reveals our radiant future: a glorious day when the Bride is united with the Bridegroom for eternity. It will be Jesus’ greatest day—and ours…!

This exciting event sheds new light on:

  • Prophetic events revealed through a Biblical wedding
  • The tremendous implications of the cup of Holy Communion
  • The powerful significance of a Biblical covenant
  • The unrivaled love of Jesus Christ for His Bride, the Church
  • God’s design and intention for marriage

 The Galilean Wedding is Effective for…

  • All occasions
  • Healing hurting relationships
  • Couples and marriage enrichment events
  • Evangelism
  • Ministry Schools
  • Pastoral training
  • Bible instruction
  • Marriage preparation classes and seminars
  • Christian wedding receptions
  • Both small and large churches

 Available as a…

  • Unique presentation
  • Church service
  • Seminar or lecture
  • Educational venue
  • Part of a retreat, conference or other event

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