Perfect Recklessness

“He made us the lamps of His light, not the salesmen and customers of His fire. He fits no category, exceeds every attribution, defies all literary description. He is immeasurably more than the object of our study—He’s the subject of the universe itself. He is “the superlative of everything good you choose to call Him”, Rev. Lockwood preached— yet we still tread the waters of the Sea of Him seeking to stay afloat, waters in which He intended us to drown.” —JRM

We want to tread our own paths in Him. He is everywhere you go—get lost in Him.

We want to keep our heads above the waters of His dreadful depths. He is gooddrown in Him.

We want to know all about Him. Know Him.

We fear the Lion. Let Him catch you—He won’t hurt you.

Sometimes reckless abandon is perfect.


The Unimaginable Greatness of Christmas

Imagine eternity.

Imagine infinity—imagine absolute life and infinite power, with no beginning, with no end. Imagine infinite size, infinite mind, absolute knowledge, absolute holiness in being and motive—perfection beyond anything anyone ever dreamt—absolute power to create and destroy at will, with perfect absence of malice and perfect omniscient Justice.

Such power—such absolute personhood—holy and just, vast and unstoppable, light so bright and holiness so utterly blinding that only the perfectly holy could ever see His face. Yet He is perfectly compassionate, absolutely loving, full of grace, full of mercy—all characteristics directed at others—at corrupt others—directed at the rebellious, rejecting, wicked things that He, in the beginning, created to be recipients of His giving nature—His love and grace. Directed at us.

And suddenly the simple, often clichéd statement Jesus made to a desperate Pharisee takes on new force, new weight, fresh worship:

For God so loved—He gave…

Jesus even told us to address this One Infinite, Eternal, All-powerful, All-knowing, All-holy, All-righteous, All-discerning, utterly Just, utterly Vast God as Daddy.

That is miraculous. That is Christmas.

O, come let us adore Him.