The Weapon that Wins the Culture War

How is culture war be won? How is it lost? The answer for both is the same—the church. So how does victory come? One Boston professor nailed it…

“America has the most wise and just and most Biblical and moral and constitutional foundation in the world—just like ancient Israel. America is one of the most religious countries in the world—just like ancient Israel. The church is big and rich and free in America—just like ancient Israel. And if God loves His church in America He will soon make it small and poor and persecuted, just as He did to ancient Israel, so that He can keep it alive by pruning it—just like ancient Israel. Consider our purity, language, watching, listening, disobeying—we are not saints—holy ones. Which is why the church is weak, and the world is dying.  We are our own worst enemies, like a devil running rampant in our midst. He doesn’t make zombies and monsters, he just makes it easy to be an easy Christian—anything but a saint, which can save the world and make the church strong. This is the weapon that will win the [culture] war and defeat our Enemy [the devil]: Saints—people who give Jesus 100% of their hearts 100% of the time, who will hold back nothing. You can’t imagine it—but you can do it…”

You are a saint. Be one today.



Published by

Jay McCarl

Author, pastor, speaker, chaplain, teacher, Bible lands tour leader, artist, musician, husband, dad, blessed. There you go.

2 thoughts on “The Weapon that Wins the Culture War”

  1. I scan my email looking for these up lifting messages. After being with God the “bad” news seems have an aha effect on me instead of it’s intended fear factor. God bless you. ~ Donna Day, Servant of God


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