Have An ‘Absolute’ Day

This is account may or may not be traditional, but it’s message couldn’t be truer nor the task more certain…

“Little children, Love one another,” the aged John the Apostle taught his young disciples.
“Why do you always say this one thing?” they asked.
“It is the Lord’s command, and if it is done, it is enough…” he replied.

Jesus’ command is absolute—no ‘but’s’.
So, what will you do with your day…?


Published by

Jay McCarl

Author, pastor, speaker, chaplain, teacher, Bible lands tour leader, artist, musician, husband, dad, blessed. There you go.

One thought on “Have An ‘Absolute’ Day”

  1. Fresh from Bible Study Fellowship, my first bible study adventure ever, I’ve learned so much about God’s plan. Decoding the Future is an invaluable resource for in depth study. Thank you Jay
    ~ Donna Day, Servant of God


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