Unleash It

Here I sit, recovering from a bad bout with food poisoning where the food won the first round. When your guts ache, news-watching seemed all the more painful, especially the blind and trendy attacks on the simple Good News that Jesus saves souls. But the message, simple as it is, is powerful beyond measure and in no danger of being silenced. My favorite old minister, C.H. Spurgeon, preached,

“As the sun is not blown out by the tempest, nor the moon quenched by the dew of night, so is not the gospel destroyed by the sophistries of perverse minds. Wherefore let us comfort one another with these words, ‘the word of God is not bound.’ It will be preached till doomsday.”

The Gospel isn’t going anywhere. Preach it, unleash it.


Published by

Jay McCarl

Author, pastor, speaker, chaplain, teacher, Bible lands tour leader, artist, musician, husband, dad, blessed. There you go.

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