Pray for Your Pastor

You may not even go to church, but pastors are still a presence in your neighborhood. They’re (mostly) holy-men, people you seek out when the world goes wrong or when God comes knocking. They’re also human—and the devil hates them. Behind all the spirituality there’s a battle going on…

“Pray for your pastor: 97% of pastors have been falsely accused or hurt by their trusted friends; 70% of pastors battle with depression; 7,000 churches will close each year; 1,500 pastors quit each month; 10% will retire a pastor; 80% of pastors feel discouraged; 94% of pastor’s families feel the pressure of the ministry. 78% of pastors have no close friends; 90% of pastors report working 55-75 hours per week. Pray for your pastor.” —Victor Marx

Thanks for praying.


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Jay McCarl

Author, pastor, speaker, chaplain, teacher, Bible lands tour leader, artist, musician, husband, dad, blessed. There you go.

One thought on “Pray for Your Pastor”

  1. Staggering statistics! Our church is in the process of calling a pastor when our excellent, pastor Bill, retired. Hard shoes to follow in. We’re getting our first interim pastor this Sunday. Altho our fill in ministers have been fine and well received there’s nothing like having a spiritual leader. I’m praying now

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