The Church That Was (A Long Time Ago)

(Since the Author of Hebrews told Jesus’ followers to “provoke one another to love and good deeds”, here are some provocations I collected over the years that I hope to launch every day or two. Blessings and provocations upon you. —j) Aristides watched Christians. He lived in the early 2nd century AD, and he saw believers who believed and who […]

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Hello Facebook Christians

Hello Facebook Christians, People are reading your posts. So as you write, paste, tag and share—remember. Remember that followers of Jesus are not fearful people. Followers of Jesus are not angry people. Followers of Jesus are the least offendable people in the world because they are not of the world. Jesus said His followers were refreshing to others. […]

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Re-Reading Screwtape

It had been a few years since I last read C.S. Lewis’ “The Screwtape Letters”, so I decided to listen to the audio book to take the edge off a long drive to southern California. I had read the book over twenty times, and my dull journey seemed a good time for a refresher of this great Christian classic. If you’re not familiar […]

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The Sword Cuts Both Ways…

A thought for a turbulent time: A debate now rages over people who believe their chosen “identity” in life nullifies the data assigned to them at conception. A few years ago, people who sincerely denied this data were deemed insane. Now an irrational cultural shift has ensued in which Christians are censured for pointing out […]

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