Come See the Bible

If you haven’t visited Israel, you haven’t seen the Bible. Until I first visited Israel, I pictured the Bible as an epic story with Hollywood set pieces blended with Sunday school flannel boards. When I finally went, it was radically different than I ever imagined. What happened on that ground happened to real people in specific circumstances living in a world that gave […]

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Get a Good Night’s Rest…

It’s been busy in the Middle East lately, but not all the news is bad—or at least it won’t be. Let me start with a recap of the stories that tend to keep us awake. Three Jewish boys were kidnapped and murdered by the enemies of goodness and sanity. The ambulance carrying away their bodies […]

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Saving the World Entire

Among the Jews is an old expression, “Whoever saves one life saves the world entire.” Jesus said, “Greater love has no man than he law down his life for his friends.” Today I thank God for those men and women of the United States Armed Forces who stood in the obstinate gap between peace and […]

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A fascinating tale is told of General William Booth, founder of the Salvation Army. The account might be legendary, but it is also wonderfully provocative. The story goes that around 1900 the General was preparing to send his annual Christmas greeting to all his Salvationists serving around the world. Since this had to be done […]

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Remember the last time somebody gave you something good? Maybe it was pretty or useful, or perhaps someone did something for you that warmed your heart or made you laugh out loud. How did you respond? No doubt you were thankful. But something far greater happened. You were just given significance. Think about it—when you […]

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An Incredible Brightness

I found this in an old transcript. It took my breath away… “Nothing can extinguish it. To the end of time it shall be there and shall always manifest itself, and men must never lose heart because of that. All [mankind’s ideas and struggles to create his own utopia] are absolutely worthless—the society in which […]

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Get in the Boat

Jesus was a practical preacher. One day, when the crowds had swelled beyond their ability to hear Him, He climbed into a fishing boat and told the captain, Simon Peter, to put out a little way from shore. As He sat in the boat, He preached and the people listened. When He finished, He turned […]

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