The Resurrection According to J.R.R. Tolkien

“The Birth of Christ is the Eucatastrophe* of man’s history. The Resurrection is the Eucatastrophe of the story of the incarnation. This story begins and ends in joy. There is no tale ever told that men would rather find was true, and none which so many skeptical men have accepted as true on its own merits. For the Art of it has the supremely convincing tone of Primary Art, that is, of Creation. To reject it leads either to sadness or to wrath.”
J.R.R. Tolkien

The greatness of the Resurrection of Christ is beyond measure—it’s the superlative of all happy endings. Are you His? revel in it. Are you not? Plunge into Him. You will live forever, just like Him. Besides, He loves you—He still has the scars that prove it.


*The ultimate happy ending

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Jay McCarl

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2 thoughts on “The Resurrection According to J.R.R. Tolkien”

  1. Dear Jay;
    Does the blood of the Lamb on the lentil and the door posts forming the Hebrew letter (He) of any significant?
    Thank you and Shalom, Craig


    1. Hello Craig,

      The shape formed by the lamb’s blood on the doorposts and lintel would depend entirely on how it was applied by the person applying it. It could form a ‘he’ or perhaps a ‘het’ in first century Hebrew, but in Moses’ time the Hebrew was radically different with no letters forming anything like the later ‘he’ or ‘het’. Regarding your question of ‘Isaiah 53’ in Hebrew, the Scriptures were inspired by God, but the chapter designations were put there by men—a man-made reference to help readers locate Scriptural passages. Thus, I personally place no significance to any chapter designations in Hebrew or any other language. In fact, most chapter breaks are contextually in the wrong places, including chapter 53—contextually it should have begun in 52:13. Hope this helps.



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